Country Heritage Feed Coarse Layer 20kg

Country Heritage Feed Coarse Layer 20kg

Country Heritage Feed’s Organic Coarse Layer is a wholegrain ration similar to the old fashioned “Scratch Mix”. Typical ingredients may include certified organic cereals such as wheat, barley, sorghum, triticale, pearl millet, sunflower seed, mung beans and corn.  These are mixed without any milling, giving it the ‘wholegrain’ consistency.  The diverse mix of colours gives the feed an appearance similar to muesli, making it very appealing to the chicken and owner alike.

Country Heritage Feed’s Organic Coarse Layer is designed solely for laying birds in the backyard environment, and offers the daily requirements of cereals needed for healthy laying hens.  Incorporated into the  wholegrain blend is a ‘protein pellet’ which contains essential vitamins and minerals, protein meals and trace minerals.  This ensures the integrity of the feed is maintained and avoids the separation issues that can occur if adding these ingredients individually.

Country Heritage Feed’s Organic Coarse Layer is formulated for laying birds.  (Approx 18-20 weeks).  For young pullets, it is advisable to begin blending the Coarse Layer feed with the CHF Organic Chick Starter Grower Mash from around 16 weeks, to allow a smooth transition onto the layer feed, and to ensure extra calcium is provided to the birds as they mature and begin egg production.

Typical feed consumption is between 130g – 150g per head per day.  The feed is best provided ad lib as the birds naturally regulate their consumption according to their energy requirements.  A specially designed self-feeder is the most suitable method of doing this.  To obtain minimal wastage, ensure that the feeder is elevated so the birds can comfortably access the feed, but high enough so they cannot scratch it out onto the ground with their feet.  Always ensure that birds have access to clean potable drinking water.

Certified organic by Australian Certified Organic (10607P).