Our History

Keelan Grain and Fodder has been a local Adelaide institution since the early 1900’s. We believe the business was established around 1910 by chaff merchant, Samuel Payne. The business was then known as Equity Chaff Mill and was located at Marden West. In 1913 the business was relocated to Payneham Road Royston Park.

The Keelan family became involved with the business in 1922, when Peter Keelan took up residence in Payneham, and began describing himself as a chaff merchant (he had previously lived in Norwood, and worked as a chaff cutter).

In 1928, Samuel Payne established a new company, with Peter Keelan, which was registered under the name of S Payne & Co, Ltd. The directors of the company were Samuel Payne, Peter John Keelan, and Edward Whitfield Mills (Mr Mills was a chartered accountant).

When Samuel Payne died in November, 1933, at the age of 84, the business then passed to Peter Keelan, and was listed as PJ Keelan, chaff merchant.

Following the death of Peter Keelan, in March 1940, the business was continued as Keelan Brothers, chaff and grain merchants. However, by 1960, it was known as Vic Keelan & Co, chaff merchants.

In 2017 the business relocated to Gorge Road at Newton, to newer, bigger premises, closer to the Adelaide foothills.

Since the early 1900’s, Keelan Grain and Fodder has evolved into a fodder store supplying feed and other needs to all types of animals found in suburbia.

Keelan Grain and Fodder stock and extensive range of chicken, dog, cat and small animal supplies including our own seed mixes for all types of domestic birds.

(Historical information courtesy of the St Peters Cultural Heritage Centre, City of Norwood Payneham and St Peters)